Coding Utilities

This is a set of useful scripts which will help you managing variables, arrays, and will add two new data structures to your projects.


  • variable type checking added for: integer, color, bool, number in range
  • added array type checking (it checks contained type) for all existing types and for the new type checking.
  • array sorted checking
  • new array sorting algorithm: Radix Sort. Uses more memory but it’s faster.
  • Set data structure (basically a data structure without duplicates)
  • functions to do mathematical union and intersection between sets
  • foreach function, which will call your scripts with each set element as first argument.
  • Sorted array data structure (this is not an array which gets continuously sorted, instead it automatically puts in the right position every element you add)
  • .pdf complete documentation (to be completed)

A little note:

In future other useful small scripts will be added. If you have any suggestion just let me know writing it down here. Purchasing now Coding Utilities from GameMaker’s Marketplace will give you access to all future updates of the pack.

You must not try to modify any code from ds_set and ds_sorted_array, both the data structures are not supposed to be open-source.


Documentation available for download: gm-utilities-documentation

Coding Utilities is now available at GameMaker’s Marketplace!