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Current Schedule

UPDATED INFOS 22/02/2017, 18:14

Added new scripts to coding_utilities

Exams-end approaches, so i can finally get back to GameMaker. Here is my current schedule:

(Bold line indicatesĀ current step, italic indicatescompleted steps)

  1. Complete GraphMaker missing features, and publish the final version. (for further notes check program’s page)
  2. Complete Windows SideBar‘s missing features and publish final version (maybe for free.)
  3. Some sidework in existing GUI library code
  4. Additional scripts for coding utlities as promised.
  5. After all is done first version of GUI library will be uploaded in gamemaker’s workshop.

Future works:

  • Getting GraphMaker in a Linux (Ubuntu) compatible form.
  • Going on with Windows Phone / Lagdroid scrolling shooter.


Since the entire graph maker software is based on my GUI library, bugs relative to that library will be fixed in future steps. Also currently non-cured graphics will get attention in future. Till GUI comes out of pre-alpha, graph maker will stay in standby